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A quiet, rainy Sunday afternoon at the Wisconsin State Capitol. It felt like a movie, the plotline clear since the second I said hello.

Two people who have such great chemistry that my job was to simply document it. Without a trace of influence, they raced through the capital, up the marble stairs only stopping to share a laugh or kiss.


August 6, 2023

Summer Engagement Session at The Wisconsin State Capital Building | Gmartel Photography

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Their first dance in the Atrium was a highlight of the season for me. The soft glow of twinkling lights overhead illuminated the dance floor as Jon and Lauren shared a moment that seemed to transcend time. Surrounded by their friends and family, their first dance was truly a magical moment . 


July 28, 2023

A Summer Wedding At The Tinsmith on Film

Bride and Groom First Look at the Tinsmith in the Atrium